Bespoke tailoring is a distinguished process that gives complete control to the customer. From the colour and type of fabric used, to the hand-crafted finishing touches, High Quality Bespoke takes customized tailored suits to a whole new level. If you’re considering investing in a bespoke suit, here’s how the process works.


The first and foremost consideration is the selection of material. You get to choose from a variety of quality fabrics imported from Europe to create that perfect suit for you. Whether it’s flashy red silk on the inside or a patterned design for a touch of flair – you get to decide. The quality and comfort are in your hands. Of course your tailor will be there to help guide you in your selection for choosing the best quality and match for what you are looking for.


What’s your style or what’s the occasion? When and where will you be wearing your new suit? These factors, along with the most important – your personality – are all elements to keep in mind when selecting a style. Whether it’s traditional and classy, or contemporary and edgy – the choice is up to you.


The next step is taking your measurements to ensure everything will fit as well as you wish. And since the bespoke process is truly tailored for your needs. This is a multi-stage process to ensure the perfect fit. Our tailors will visit your home or office at your convenience, going to extra mile to make sure your measurements are accurate and the suit fits correctly in every facet.


After the fabrics, style and measurements have all be decided, your design is sent to be custom tailored and created from the ground up. Each suit is handcrafted with the finest care and quality.

Final Adjustments

When the main structure of the suit has been made, you will then try it on so that any final adjustments with the measurements and seams can be made to get that absolutely perfect, tailored fit.

Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Lastly, and most importantly, is the customer satisfaction. The bespoke process serves to ensure each and every customer is not only satisfied, but also exceptionally happy with the final creation. No matter what adjustments are needed, we will be there for you until you are 100% satisfied with the look and fit.

So whether it’s for a special occasion or you’re simply looking to add superior quality and design to your wardrobe, the bespoke tailored look is what will set you above the rest. With highly customized designs from the ground up, you can feel confident that each and every time you put on a suit, you will feel as great as you look. Are you ready to book your consultation?