Select Fabric

Every bespoke suite experience starts with selection of fabric. The quality of fabric dictates the comfort, life and drapery. We work with only the finest fabrics and assist you in choosing the most appropriate fabric of your choice.

Select Style

Choosing the right style for your personality and occasion is key to an elegant looking custom suites. We help you choose your style based on your taste. Be it formal attire or casual dressing, we have entire modern collection to choose from. We also help you choose shirts and ties for a great combination


Our expert tailors take measurements with great care. Don’t have time to visit our location? No worries, we bring the selection to your office or home. Wherever is most convenient to you.

Custom tailoring at factory

Each suit is manufactured from ground up in our factory. With attention to details, suits are created with artistic craftsmanship based on your measurements and style

Final Adjustments

Once the suit is ready to be tried, we work with you to ensure that every suit is a perfect fit. This is done by making final adjustments to semi-finished suit.

HQ Bespoke - Custom Suits for men

Happy You

We have seen it time and again, invariably time the result of this process is a happy customer. We take pride in making every customer happy and that is why all of our customers are advocates of our services. Come and enjoy the experience.

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