After months of fishing for jobs and hoping for a bite, you’ve finally got your very first (real) job interview scheduled. Now the search is on for what to wear. Dressing for your first interview can be stressful for making that first impression a great one. That’s why it’s crucial to dress appropriately, especially if the job is in a professional office environment like finance, legal, or insurance. Here is a quick guide to help you select that perfect outfit to get the job.

The Suit

When you’re just entering the workforce, it’s important to understand that most employers – no matter what the industry may be – do not expect you to be wearing the most expensive cut or brand of suit. In fact, that could even damage that first impression. Start with something simple.

You should start out with at least two suits since many interviews these days consists of more than one. Opt for a simple, clean-cut black, navy or grey suit. Avoid anything flashy ones such as a pinstripe. Your outfit shouldn’t be making any statements for you other than looking sharp and clean.

Single-breasted suits are your best option, along with a two or three-cut button style. Depending on your location, it’s always smart to select a fabric that is appropriate so you won’t be suffering in silence during those humid days or extremely cold temperatures. Consult with your tailoring professional for help.

You want to avoid wearing a blazer with a pair of jeans. This is never a good fit for an interview, as it can be much too casual.

Shirts and Accessories

When it comes to the accessories, try to stay subtle. Again, you don’t want to opt for anything too flashy as a first time impression. It’s best to go with a simple, crisp white shirt and traditional collar. It’s best to select a breathable fabric such as cotton. You can also add in a light grey or light blue shirt into the mix as well.

The most important factor with your shirt is that it is crisp and wrinkle-free for the interview.

For the accessories, choose a tie that subtle and neat. Whether it is a skinny tie or traditional, take your pick.

Your shoes should be just as sharp as your suit, whether black, brown or a light-tanned colour. Ensure they are clean and polished.


Clearly, you want to be looking your best for the day of the interview. So be sure to get your hair nearly cut. It’s also important that any facial hair be either completely removed or very neatly trimmed.

Take a look down at your nails and ensure they are trimmed and clean. Finally, let’s not forget about an antiperspirant, as you want to be prepped and ready for those nerves kicking in. Be sure not to douse yourself in cologne. If you’re going to use it – one light spray is all you need.

With this quick guide for how to dress to impress during that first interview, you won’t have to worry about making a great first impression.

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