Attracting the love of your life isn’t a walk in the park hence once you’ve successfully hit the jackpot the second she says yes to a romantic candlelight dinner, you need to ensure that nothing could possibly go wrong during that date.

First and far most, consider the most important factor that would either make or break this first date: your choice of apparel. Women are very particular and have an eye for detail. As much effort as she puts in for her first date outfits is as much effort she expects out of you. Forget those comfortable torn, ratted up jeans and converse sneakers and opt for a look which tells her that you are serious about winning her heart based on how you dress.

What you wear has the power to spell out how exactly you feel about this date and your lady love. And of course, nothing spells romance better than a suit. A classic, bespoke suit can do wonders as a first date outfit. Bespoke suits are perfectly tailored, made to measure personally to fit you and you alone.Contact HQ Bespoke to see what the real tailoring magic is all about. Bespoke suits are elegantly made suits which are tailored with the intent to enhance broad shoulders or tuck unsightly bulges, providing a sleek James Bond feel to your date night.

At the Bespoke headquarters, the home of crafted menswear, not only can you find bespoke suits for men but also bespoke shirts for men which will complete that dapper look you are going for to charm lady love off her socks.

One can never go wrong with a bespoke suit and shirt. For a formal look at a luxurious restaurant, simply step up your game with a pair of pressed dark-hued trousers. And if you are opting for a more casual feel, dark washed or light washed jeans will dress down your bespoke suit and shirt for an intimate evening at the movies or for an artistic tour around the city’s hidden gems.