With summer in the air and temperatures routinely hitting the 30s, it can throw a major wrench into your professional wardrobe. Without the appropriate fabrics, summer can quickly turn into a stifling nightmare for those who need to stay sharp and suited during those hot months. Thankfully though, there are a variety of options available for you to choose from that will help you stay sharp while feeling cool. Here are some options for to consider, along with their pros and cons.



  • Pros – Cotton is one of the most beloved fabrics for any climate. It consists of natural fibres that allow it to breathe easily. It also absorbs moisture. So during those extra hot days or those intensive meetings with the boss, you can feel an extra sense of comfort. And at the end of the day, it can easily be tossed in the washing machine for a refresh.
  • Cons – Although this fabric is breathable, it doesn’t fare so well for being stretchy. So it can feel a little more restricting than other materials. Furthermore, although moisture absorbency, it also has a tendency to display moisture marks over time. And when washed as opposed to dry-cleaned, it can shrink and display wear and tear over time.


  • Pros – Linen is a great fabric for keeping you nice and cool since it’s so lightweight. This in one of the best choices if you live in a climate that is hot year-round.
  • Cons – Since this material is so lightweight, it means wrinkles can easily set in. So if you’re not a fan of ironing, then this material may not be for you. In addition, it can also be a pain to remove stains from linen.


  • Pros – Silk is of course, one of those special fabrics that simply feel and look fabulous. There’s just nothing quite like it. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, silk is breathable and cool to both wear and touch.
  • Cons – Despite its breathable qualities, silk can conversely be a poor selection for those with excessive perspiration since it doesn’t react well to extra moisture.


Mid Blue – This light-toned blue is perfect for those summer months. It’s a great option if you’re looking to add some summer flare to your wardrobe while staying cool.

Beige – Beige is the classic, cool summer look. Aside from looking fresh, this natural hue lets you have fun with your accent colours.

Pale Grey – The classic grey suit is always a go to for the summer, especially if you opt for a few shades lighter. This a great option for those looking for a colour that can be suitable all year long.

Don’t perspire away the summer in your suit. Take some time to invest in a few great summer fabrics to incorporate into your outfits. Your wardrobe and body will thank you.

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