Selecting the perfect suit can feel like an almost impossible task and the amount of choices and variations can be overwhelming. However, the perfect suit largely hinges on just two very important elements: the right fabric and the right fit.

The most appropriate fabric for a suit will vary depending on your specific needs and the situation in which you are going to be wearing the suit.

What Kind of Suit Do You Need?

It would be very difficult to buy one pair of shoes for every occasion, and the same goes for a suit. You have to know what kind of event you’re attending – is it casual or black tie? – and what kind of environment you will be dealing with – will you be indoors or on the beach?

These factors will allow professional suit fitting associates and tailors to recommend the best suit options to fit your particular situation. The suit you would wear to a professional business meeting is very different from the suit you would wear to a wedding.

Suit Your Style to The Occasion

Once you’ve identified the right suit for the upcoming occasion, there are two different ways that you can go about selecting the perfect fabric for your new suit; the traditional approach or the radical approach.

Of course, you have to gauge the most appropriate approach based on your event – under normal circumstances, no tailor is going to recommend showing up to a funeral in a bright pink dress shirt. However, certain events provide the opportunity to take more risks with your look and have a bit more fun playing with different styles and colour combinations.

Traditional Approach to Suit Style

The traditional approach would include a simple, well-tailored black, dark blue or charcoal suit. The most common base material for a traditional suit is cotton or wool. For an extra touch of luxury, opt for more high-quality varieties including Egyptian cotton, Chambray cotton, and pure cashmere.

These materials are generally very adaptable, available in different weights and blends to best accommodate your needs; a lighter cotton blend for the summer, and a heavier wool for the winter.

Radical Approach to Suit Style

The more radical, untraditional approach offers endless possibilities. You can truly make a suit fit your personality and the sky is the limit, even when it comes to fabric options. Suits made from a silk blend, acrylic, or even faux leather will provide more of a “wow” factor than your more traditional cotton or wool base material, however they will likely carry a higher price tag as well.

These statement suits are great for fun events like weddings, but can also raise the bar in a business situation. If you have a big personality and feel you can pull off a statement suit, it can really set you apart from the competition, bringing a strong air of confidence into any business meeting.

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